insequence out of the box software solutions

Reliable and proven solutions

With hundreds of successful implementations and experience with most major automotive OEMs, our solutions have been proven to be reliable. Developed around the manufacturing industry,  our standardized solutions reduce the need for costly customization’s while it’s modular design allows it to be tailored to any size project or facility. It’s flexibility combined with functionality provides full traceability, interfaces to 3rd party systems, provides complete error proofing, and has 50+ standard reports available. 

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Built for the industry

Our solutions grow with the industry, adapting to the needs of suppliers. When a sequencing solution was required by our first customer in 1996, Insequence pioneered the software to successfully accomplish the task. We now offer suppliers standard solutions that are field tested, under continual improvement, and are used by some of the largest suppliers creating commodities for many of the top leading automotive OEMs.


We can make it happen

The SPD Pro suite is designed as a standard solution, but at times, suppliers may require a function specific to their facility. Our programming department is there to find a solution. With their in-depth understanding of the system, they know when customers will need a non-standard option and how to tailor the system to their needs. Giving our clients confidence in their product. For questions concerning specific requests, please contact us for more information.



With features including…

  • Error Proofing: Organizes entire sequencing and manufacturing process into individual step-by-step directions to verify operator accuracy. Devices used to ensure operator steps include: handheld scanners, mobile PCs, Pick/Put-to-light systems, photoelectric and laser systems, and vision systems.
  • System Interfaces: Communicates with Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems, ERP/WMS software, Programmable Logic Controllers, and other existing systems.
  • Password/Badge Security: Allows supervisors to assign user access levels and require users to input a password or scan a badge to prevent unintended changes to key settings.
  • Report Creation: Provides standard and custom reports generated with Microsoft SQL Reporting Services.
  • Multi-Language Capable: Comes complete with translation to Spanish and Portuguese. Additional language translations may be available.
  • SQL Interface: The background database driving SPD Pro is Microsoft SQL Serve