IMS: Inventory Management System

Easily direct the movement of goods and quickly obtain up-to-the-minute information during production of commodities. Use to complete the SPD Pro suite or as a stand alone system, IMS gives facilities the control and visibility needed to optimize the management of their inventory.



With the SPD Pro IMS your operation will run smoothly, accurately, and efficiently. The system is designed to complement your MES and/or sequencing system. It allows operators to easily direct the movement of goods and quickly obtain up-to-the-minute information on the quantity, location, status, and history of every item, including work-in-process and finished goods. Providing an easily accessible way to maintain visibility of commodities within a facility.


Easily move about a facility much like your inventory without the hassle of . Handheld PCs are fully supported by the SPD Pro inventory and sequencing modules. They run the entire rack scan program. This allows operators to perform all scans from one mobile, handheld device, freely moving about the plant and accomplishing more than one task. They can be used for receiving, put-away, moving, and shipping.


Data Management Integration

Using the IMS application in conjunction with our data management , allows a facilities data to be easiliy stored and reliably managed. The Insequence Integrated Data Storage software product is designed to augment your data collection and reporting capabilities by moving data from a primary database to a secondary server in near real time without requiring the SQL databases to be offline or removed from production in any way. Furthermore, the data warehouse server may reside locally within a production site or it may be consolidated into a central location designed to store data for multiple sites.




IMS Handles…


  • Receiving
    • Simple stock receipt at item or pallet level via RF
    • Collect vendor/supplier, SKU attributes, and shipment information
    • Import ASN details

  • Putaway
    • Direct incoming stock based on predetermined details
    • Update stock locations by barcode scans
    • Assign multiple location types and levels with specific SKUs
  • Adjustments
    • Increase/decrease records at the stock location level
    • Transfer commodities via RF by container or part
    • Split commodities at pallet and part level
  • Tracking
    • Track inventory from receiving to shipping; including WIP, serial number, SKU attributes, and locations
    • Track stock levels and send alerts when minimum/maximum stock levels are breached
    • Provides a full suite of history/activity reports
  • Picking/Manufacturing
    • Update at the SKU/location level during picking
    • Integrate with SPD Pro MES< allowing WIP allocations and back flushing of components at part manufacturing
    • Integrate with SPD Pro Rack Loading to build pallets
  • Shipping
    • Integrates with SPD Pro Shipping Modules, allowing inventory adjustments for finished goods
    • Error proof trailer loading process and provides BOL