Insequence pioneered sequencing software in 1996 when our original customer, whom we still work with to this day, requested a solution. Now over 20 years later, we offer a wide range of solutions to multiple tier 1 suppliers throughout the Americas and Europe. 



History-Tony Westbrook and Keith Delk with their solution for linking auto suppliers with OEMs
The Tennessean, November 29, 2003

At the start of automotive sequencing

Originally founded on April 2, 1996 by Keith Delk and Tony Westbrook, Insequence has now provided sequencing solutions for over 20 years. Beginning as Delk\Westbrook Technologies (DWT), the company focused on supplying the best technology services and products to the manufacturing industry. Within the same year as their establishment, the company received a request to create a custom sequencing application for an automotive supplier. With a successful implementation, Delk and Westbrook proved to the supplier and OEM involved their software was reliable. The pioneering of sequencing software had begun.


For the first few years, Westbrook ran support for their new automotive customer while Delk worked with their previously established clients. During this time, the developement of their supplier software solutions continued. However, by 1998, their number of automotive customers had grow so substantially, the company adapted themselves to the automotive industry. The adaptation not only included focusing on sequencing software, but changes to support and a new design for workstations. By 2000, eight facilities were utilizing DWT solutions. 17 years later, the number of facilities using their solutions has reached the hundreds across the Americas and Europe.


History- Original workstation design
Original redesign of Insequence solutions from 2000

Where we are now

The company has grown beyond expectations. Our original sequencing solutions has expanded into the turn-key solution SPD Pro (Sequential Parts Delivery). This is a suite of software modules that handles Sequencing, MES, SCADA, Inventory, and Network Visualization solutions. In 2015 we opened our official offices in the UK and since winter of 2016, the company has nearly doubled in size. We are still growing to provide suppliers with the systems needed to succeed. 



Insequence featured in “Across the Pond” for their success in the UK alongside other qualifying American Businesses

  Insequence Corporation Insequence is a leading provider of sequencing, manufacturing, and logistic software solutions. Easily tailored to individual facilities, their software’s modular design can fulfill requirements no matter the size or complexity of the system; coordinating a smooth stream of events from the moment demand is received until the final materials are shipped....

Insequence News – June 2017

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Insequence releases SPD Pro 8.0: the latest in manufacturing software solutions

What is SPD Pro? Insequence released SPD Pro version 8.0 mid-January of 2017. The software is a suite of modules which provide manufacturing and JIS solutions for sequencing, shipping, manufacturing execution (MES), data management, and inventory. Together, the different modules form a software suite entitled SPD Pro. The suite is highly configurable, due to...

Insequence now offers training webinars on their SPD Pro Software

Onsite training has its obvious perks but do the pros outweigh the saved costs associated with learning remotely? In many instances, it can. Webinars seem to be taking the world by storm. Between technology improvements and increased globalization, many find this form of training, teaching, meeting or learning as a big time and money...

AndonNV Release

The first SPD Pro product available in an Android app with an iOS app currently in development.   Nashville, Tennessee, USA – October 31, 2016 – Insequence today announced the release of AndonNV, a Network Visualization and notification system that allows users to query data to extract various pre-configured information from any single plant...